1. Took this shot with my Galaxy phone. Chili’s South Indian Restaurant “Serving Authentic Homely & Family South Indian Cuisine” in the U-District. This place has the best East Indian food in Seattle. Everything is scratch made and it is absolutely delicious. I had the Goat Curry Thali. They bring you a platter full of little bowls full of various curries and other delicacies, as well as roti and paratha. Da bomb!

  2. Running to stand still. Seattle. Wa.

  3. Harbor Island, Seattle. Container yard. Sunset.

  4. Stand of cherry trees, full bloom. The Quad. University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

  5. Cherry tree in full blossom, The Quad, University of Washington. Seattle.

  6. Cherry tree at full bloom, The Quad, University of Washington.

  7. sometimes the dragon wins.

  8. Just Jackson things.

  9. Jackson

  10. Shush, don’t tell Kate I posted a photo of her!

  11. Elliott Bay from Seattle Great Wheel.

  12. Kate and me having dinner. Seattle Great Wheel.

  13. West Seattle Bridge. From Admiral District. Looking over Harbor Island.

  14. Kristen Bales. Singer. Fabulous Juncos.

  15. Johnny Houston. Drummer. Fabulous Juncos.