1. JiJi at Woodland Park Rose Garden.

  2. JiJi with me at the Frye Art Museum cafe.

  3. Sailboats frolicking on the Sound… Bainbridge to Seattle run.

  4. Seattle Great Wheel.

  5. Jiji, taken at the ferry boat dock on Bainbridge. Lens is an old CPC 200mm f4.5 zoom…

  6. JiJi and I took the ferry to Bainbridge Island. On the way back I got a few shots in using this ancient off-brand telephoto that I’ve had lying about in my old kit for ages… The look and feel is totally vintage..

  7. Block party, live music.. This year it was called the 7th Annual Phinney Ditch Block Party. I thought it was a bit silly to call it that considering the average home price in this area is $725k… Maybe next year they’ll call it the Phinney Rich Block Party… Anyways, I digress, this band is called Bugs and I thought they played their asses off.

  8. Traffic jam on southbound 99 Viaduct, as we’re sitting there I grab my cell phone and took these shots of the Money Pit, err, I mean the construction zone for the new tunnel. I was thinking today about the big delays because they ran into a piece of metal that was put in their way a couple summers ago when they were drilling to conduct feasibility tests for the new tunnel. Latest word is that its going to be a $300 million dollar (that’s a “3” followed by a bunch of zeros) cost overrun and lead to a huge delay. My first reaction is, give me a small cut of that and I will hire a crew, we will dig down, pull the offending piece of metal out of the way, and everyone can continue along with their lives. Anyhow, I digress. Enjoy these extremely low res pics of your tax dollars at work!

  9. Empty oil drums at Fishermen’s Terminal, Ballard, WA

  10. Bow of a moored fishing boat, Fishermen’s Terminal, Ballard, WA.

  11. Melissa Beth, a fishing boat docked at Fishermen’s Terminal, in Ballard.

  12. Fishermen’s Terminal in Ballard, a huddle of fishing boats.

  13. Ballard Locks, spillway.

  14. Wednesday night walkabout…

  15. Father’s Day. My nephew Aiden out picking flowers in my Dad’s backyard. The innocence of Angels!