1. Wow, its been awhile since I rousted myself out of the house and did anything with my camera. However — knowing a once in a (insert your measure of time here: blue moon, lifetime, eaon, month of Sunday’s, etc..) chance for a photo op was happening this weekend, I got myself motivated. The newspapers were all saying the new 747-8 Intercontinental would be leaving Paine Field in Everett, flying back and forth across the skies of Washington, doing all sorts of tests, and then landing at Boeing Field in Seattle, around 2 or 3PM. Now to know me is to know that the 747’s always been my favorite plane. When I heard Boeing was coming out with a re-winged upgrade, with an extended upper deck and brand new engines, I was more than a bit excited. (insert geek comments here.)

    So drinking my morning cup of joe, I slowly unpacked the contents of my camera bag, did a mental inventory, thought about the shot, the direction she’d be coming in from, how I wanted to catch her curves, what the light would be like, and all those other things that race through a photographers mind when they have to get that *perfect* *don’t blow it* *because you only get one chance* shot.

    I ended up selecting my 55-200 lens, VR on, autofocus on, in Sportsmode because I didn’t want to try and outsmart myself by going with manual settings, and said my mental equivilent of a Hail Mary. The next part was all about the angle. It was going to be a tough call, one that was more about the look of the shot, rather than wheels hitting tarmac. So I drove to a spot that was ahead of where the touch-down point would likely be. This afforded me the opportunity to get as much of the design characteristics into my shot while at the same time allowing for movement to show as well. So while I wasn’t going to get a very good shot of wheels hitting tarmac and busting smoke everywhere, I was going to get that one final glimpse as she nosed up on the approach before connecting with the runway.

    So I hope you like “the shot”. The Queen of the Skies is back. She’s always been my favorite and probably always will be, at least until Boeing comes out with the next big jumbo.

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