1. Back to the well I go. This is another shot I got the night of the super moon in June. I hiked up to Rattlesnake Ledge with my camera and tripod. It was a party when I got there. Like the scene before an outdoor concert in the park on a late Spring night. There was some good excitement in the air. Instead of a rock band though, the star we were all waiting for was the full moon.

    While waiting for night to fall I periodically pointed my camera up towards Mount Si. Beyond Mount Si you can See Monroe and Carnation. I think the view from Rattlesnake Ledge is out of this world. I am going to post a set that I took from the Ledge looking towards the Cascades interior. The Cascade range is one of the most beautiful in the West. Perhaps not as grand as The Rockies, although with Rainer, St. Helens, Adams, and Hood, its hard to argue they’re second.

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